• jolly555

    I like looking at the mirror to see my reflection and search out what have become of me daily. it really a good one

  • Wilson Jake

    The mattress carefully laid and head rest resting perfectly. Lovely concept, I love the black and white effect. My favourite

  • Prince

    That cream Desitin… do we still have it in the market? Lovely concept, I see the laid bed. Ready to sleep.

  • Janine Bocateja

    Oh how I love mirrors. I can’t live without mirrors. This mirror on the photo has aged for years and still lovely.

  • TJB22

    This is a good piece. The black and white filter made it look romantic. Looks like a poster of a horror film or old documentary. Good shot though.

  • Mark Janeo

    The sleeping cushion deliberately laid and headrest resting superbly. Dazzling idea, I love the highly contrasting impact.

  • Alex

    This is a retro yet creepy look. Along with dolls the second object I find creepy in old places are the mirror. I cover them with blankets because I might see something.

  • brainedet

    We will always reflect on our past and see what we felt to see or completely ignore then. Like thinking deep about your past.

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