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29 responses to “Refrigerator”

  1. Get still picture this refrigerator in my head, I think I have opportune to view it once or twice in my lifetime should be in my granny company then.

  2. Is this a refrigerator or rather the engine to a refrigerator? If really it is a refrigerator, I wonder how it works, I have never seen anything like this in my life.

  3. This must be a wonderfully and industrial refrigerator for cold rooms. This photograph is of high quality Tom.

  4. Is that the motor? In any case, It is far from its former self. Sorry to say this but it looks like scrap. Sorry!!!

  5. Looks like an engine of an industrial refrigerator, just like an huge cold room. Looks like it’s not in use lately. Nice piece

  6. This refrigerator is huge. Reminds me of a refrigerator in our field trip to stock frozen goods.

  7. Old style refrigerator looking huge worn out. I wonder where you get these old stuff to snap.

  8. This is an engine to an huge refrigerator, but looks out of Service. I haven’t seen a refrigerator engine has big as this, never.

  9. I never saw one like that before, If you hadn’t mentioned that it was a refrigerator I would be still wondering what was it. I love how you always pick interesting topics for your pictures

  10. Wow nelly! That looks like a refrigerator that could take you back in time! Really cool colourful shot. Thanks for sharing.

  11. This refrigerator is very unusual, I have never seen anything like it, it seems like a cold room for food.

  12. Though everything in the room is old, but they’re still in perfect condition. Just needs some polishing.

  13. I have never seen a refrigerator like this, using one full room. Perhaps this is widely used by meat processing industries.

  14. The refrigerator is much akin to the ones used in fishing companies. It definitely is capable of storing a lot.

  15. I really wonder what might be stored in this massive fridge. I bet it’s not anything small.

  16. Undoubtedly the biggest fridge I have ever seen. It is quite impressive to say the least.

  17. This a heavy duty refrigerator. It consumes a very substantial amount of power to operate.

  18. Were it not for the title, I could never have guessed this was a refrigerator. It’s nothing like any refrigerator I have seen before.

  19. I am curious as to what the refrigerator is used for. It is not our everyday fridge that’s for sure.

  20. It appears as though the entire building is a fridge. It must be freezing inside.

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