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Retro-Style Photos Taken With An Android Smartphone


26 responses to “Retro-Style Photos Taken With An Android Smartphone”

  1. Nice quality of retro photos looks like a pro. You just turned your andorid smartphone into retro camera. You really have the talent in photography no matter what you use to capture you’ll always have good photographs.

  2. This look good I know some Android phone camera are cute for shots. I think this is same with your phone it was really sharp.

  3. These shots are lovely, I like phones with good camera quality it always a good boost to the phone.

  4. I can’t imagine that these were taken from an android. The filters are really cool.

  5. The photo outputs are so clean. The megapixel of the android phone must be of high standard.

  6. Wow, so no matter what the device is, it’s still got some expert touches. This are lovely pictures, no one would have know it’s a phone output

  7. These are very instagrammable. I would always love these retro photo vibes that you were giving me. Worth keeping.

  8. Hard to believe that it was taken by an Android phone. It’s so sharp and clear.

  9. A combination of the cutest photos I’ve seen for a long time. They’re so proffeprofes.

  10. Wow, you took this with an android phone? That’s just too perfect for a phone. One can easily upload this, the colours are just great

  11. You are an amazing photographer Tom, I would have never imagined that you took those pictures with your phone.

  12. These photos are impressive for a smartphone camera. It must be a really good smartphone.

  13. I never knew phones could do this. Unfortunately my phone doesn’t have this effect.

  14. I could never have guessed that these were taken by a smartphone. Technology has really come a long way!

  15. The photos do indeed look very retro. I think they would have been better in black and white.

  16. These photos look like they were taken a very long time ago. The retro effect came through well.

  17. These photos together do tell a story. I quite like the artistic style you adopted here.

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