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Return To Wilderness

August 2018

10 responses to “Return To Wilderness”

  1. Sure wilderness is what we make it to be Nothing ever happened on it own. Sometimes event and people makes it happens.

  2. Wow, well explained by an experienced person. That’s what we call being in the wilderness.

  3. Nothing happens until we make something happen. The way we want wilderness will be the way it will be described. Thanks so much for this post TOM.

  4. Well stated, we create our wilderness and desert. We can only make a spring with our own hands and that’s the truth.

  5. True, it’s always according to your own experiences. It’s never meant to be a catch all phrase for one specific type of answer. It’s not the same for everyone.

  6. You forgot the animals and mother nature he he. I do not recommend it though. If you must go do it with a team and not alone. It can get ugly.

  7. Wilderness sure is something! It can be fun and exciting. You can explore new places in the wilderness.

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