• Janine Bocateja

    I really love walking on the woods but I wanted to have a companion. I might not no there would be a venomous snak e or some wil animals will attack me. lol.

  • jolly555

    Yeah, there are really rocking roots. the ambiance is really inviting. wish I could have a quiet moment here for a day.

  • Wilson Jake

    This are really strong roots, one fell me down during one of our camping. Lovely picture, so colourful

  • Prince

    This shows how old the trees are, even having green fungi. Its colourful and the ray afar is looking great.

  • Rachel

    I just enjoy staring and glaring at such roots that are exposed yet holding the tree so firmly on the ground. You can learn so much from nature.

  • Alex

    This is a thing of beauty, I almost mistook it plastic from afar that is. However it makes it intriguing. Good shot!!!

  • brainedet

    The roots of trees are so important because without them every other part become lifeless. This is a nice shot.

  • Glad

    What other thing would be rocking here but roots? I love the greeness and I bet the air would be so fresh. Won’t mind camping a while.

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