• Kevin MI Westley

    My Aunt Pat and Uncle Pete took me there a few summers in the late ’50s. I had my first “paying” gig there (people threw money when I finished) playing air guitar to Hound Dog. The reason we switched to Sugar Maples when the water in the pool turned green. I was performing in East Durham one weekend about 30 years ago. All that is left are the foundations of the buildings. It must have been some fire.

    • Jeannette Grose

      I’ve explored this property. I lived down the road at the time, and found this place fascinating, that fire myst have been excruciatingly bad, I think it started in the kitchen.

      • Kevin MI Westley

        The last year we went, the water in the pool was green due to negligence. Went to Sugar Maples after that. Had my first manicotti there.

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