• Alex

    This is very understated, even dangerous. In this pitch black route it can really be accident prone, Rough road yes and maybe more with no lights and all. I hope they put lights in this.

  • Gracia

    The way the message is captured is very effective. The fact that it’s a dark background leaves you wondering how rough the road really is.

  • Baraka

    With such a clear warning on the wall, no one would dare speed. It’s very clear to miss it or not see it.

  • Wilson Jake

    What the f**k. How on earth will I see the rough road? This is just to say “drive and die”… Soo weird

  • Maury Cheskes

    Awesome sign with some symbolic value. I’d like the next sign to say “smooth road ahead,” just for some peace of mind.

  • Prince

    This sign board will even cause fear into the drivers mind when he looks at the road and nothing rough is feasible. You got me laughing out loud Thomas. Lovely share guy

  • Anderson

    Your camera has to be really good to capture even in such low light conditions. Very admirable indeed 🙂

  • Storm

    The road has to be really rough to warrant such a huge sign. It’s a pity it’s night time and we can’t see the actual road.

  • Glad

    What! I don’t think anyone can see anything in this darkness, except you have your car headlamps fully on. Oh yeah it really is a rough road ahead and one has to be very careful while driving into such darkness.

  • brainedet

    Apart from the photo I just like the title of this shot. Rough road ahead, this simply means take life a bit as it comes.

  • Janine Bocateja

    This sign are for drunkards who still drive very fast. It’s rough when life ends so be careful all the time drivers.

  • Angelo Bugay

    A nice warning. I remember a good quote that says, “It is a rough road that leads to the heights of greatness”.

  • esgyll

    Life is a series of rough roads we need to take. If we are wise enough, we will know these signs spread out in our everyday lives and take extra precaution. But it is almost always either ignored or missed because of our own stubbornness. Hopefully we all learn from these mistakes and have smoother roads ahead of us after those rough ones.

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