Round Hay Bales

August 2009

24 thoughts on “Round Hay Bales

  1. This photo seems quite unsettling to me. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because of the monotone colors or the atmosphere itself. Only hay bales and no one at sight.

  2. We do not have this on the city but on the the rural areas in the mountains I guess there is some it is rare though.

  3. Here in my country, I haven’t seen an hay like this, this is huge. Lovely concept man, really looks inviting

  4. We have a ranch just like this in the countryside. Although it isn’t as pleasant looking haha.

  5. Staying at a place like this would make me the happiest person ever. The sense of calm and peace is amazing.

  6. Can these be used as animal feed? If so I bet whoever owns this farm has a lot of livestock.

  7. They look like huge neatly rolled up marshmallows on the field. I wonder how long the farmers took when they had to do this chore.

  8. Apparently in this field, they grow too much hay for animals, this photo really served as a reference for me because I really did not know about this grass.

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