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Run To The Water

October 2020

27 responses to “Run To The Water”

  1. The girl looks pretty in the picture. The black and white quality at the same time gives a different flavor to the image.

  2. Water signifis a lot of things, people go tthe water for healing, cleaning and so many other purpose. Water can also be refreshing. The lady in the picture is in the water with a wedding gown, is it because water purifies? Since the white gown signifies purity.

  3. this picture is almost magic, the dress, the hairstyle, the black and white effect, and the topic, in general, make me think of a mysterious lady.

  4. What’s happening in the water that the bride is running to? That got me thinking but this output is superb

  5. Very artistic topic, I wonder how would be to cross the water from one side to the other wearing that bride dress.

  6. So the story of the runaway bride continues???? ha ha. Seriously though this is a very good update piece. Comparable to a story where the viewer waits for the new chapter. Next time if she is the protagonist show the villain? Ha ha.

  7. I love this !meaning, water is life. The little bride is so fulfilled with life. Than major this cool picture.

  8. She’s very pretty, like a wood nymph playing in the water. I like how you caught that mystical aura about her in just a single shot.

  9. What I see in the picture is a runaway bride. Apparently, she ran to the water. For what reason? Water represents purity and clarity. She was confused about the decision she has to make. She ran to the water to evaluate what she is going to do next. Well, that’s what I think of it.

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