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Satisfy An Ending

March 2017

19 responses to “Satisfy An Ending”

  1. I’m imagining the family having a beautiful dinner inside. I love the structure and nice shot!

  2. Ending of what???Got to give it this though. This is a good setting for an ending where issues are already solved in a movie. It gives off that vibe.

  3. It might be an ending of a family who once lived in this old, abandon house. From this day, they must seek for another modern house to live.

  4. Looks like a shelter to me, very interesting and unique with many entrances / exits. It looks like it was built for primary security. Let’s play “The Walking Dead” 🙂

  5. The surrounding of this house looks great and sky is beautiful. The house itself is cute and you took a good shot of it.

  6. The house is well built, beautiful facade, but the first defective floor could be inhabited but as time passed this family abandoned it for a new one.

  7. It looks like the house has had a cute and happy ending. I really love the bright red stairs, and the unusual tiles outside on the walls of the house. Probably its previous owner had really quirky tastes and it shows in its design.

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