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Scattered Chaos

Scattered Chaos


12 responses to “Scattered Chaos”

  1. This is an abandoned room with dumped messes. You are always full of memories with your posts. Thanks for the high quality picture.

  2. This is disgusting, irritating with lots of mix feelings. Where is the clean up going to start from?? Another abandoned apartment

  3. Could that be a dumpster, I though that was even a living space but it was, then the occupants weren’t just serious with hygiene

  4. Oh! This is chaos at the very height. This place must be a abandoned place, and it seems the occupants left in quite a hurry.

  5. I like the structure of the house. This house has been abandoned for a long period of time with the look of the things their.

  6. We find beauty in chaos as they say. This is an appropriate description of it. I just hope there is no people in there. Good shot!!!

  7. Just looking at this room gives me anxiety. I never could leave a room just so cluttered like this if I would be asked to clear it out. I would clean it immediately without waiting for others to start.

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