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Seasons Change With The Scenery

Seasons Change With The Scenery

November 2019

16 responses to “Seasons Change With The Scenery”

  1. Wow, perfect picture for the background cover photo. The color combination and the angle of the photo is amazing.

  2. Such a magnificent shot. The open forestry covered in snow is very refreshing and reminiscent of winter. Thanks, Tom.

  3. Yes it definitely will once summer comes. Where I am from there is no snow here so this is a welcome site. I would love to experience this though. Even once.

  4. Season is a must come and go on this planet earth which no human can alter. Thanks for this clear and clean picture

  5. This shot is so pretty, everything looks as if sprinkled over with icing sugar. I would love to experience walking in such a small patch of woods and just breathe in the cold air and feel my feet sink into the snow.

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