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San Antonio Zoo
San Antonio, Texas, USA

December 2016

10 responses to “Secluded”

  1. Is that a rhino??? If it is then by all means separate this guy. Rhino’s are creatures that are in cages for a reason. I feel bad for him being in a cage though. HE should be in a safari or something.

  2. Aw poor rhino. If he’s not ill tempered, I would totally give him a hug. I hope they give him a bit of leg room outside of that cage.

  3. It’s good to be free. That’s why we all have friends. Imagine life without friends! So boring!

  4. I like going to the zoo. But I feel sad to the fact that the animals in there are not in their natural surroundings and are in a very tight area.

  5. How sad this rhino looks like. It’s so sad to be apart from where you belong. I hope it can be set free.

  6. It seem this animal is an infected one that is why he is being kept away. It being a long time I saw a photo of this nature.

  7. The rhinoceros looks really lonely despite the warm light of the afternoon. Is he just being shy or is there a good reason why he is hiding?

  8. I’t a wonderfull picture, I wish the rinowas in the outside enjoying the sunny day

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