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Second Floor Main Room

Second Floor Main Room


11 responses to “Second Floor Main Room”

  1. The building looks clean and ok to me. The color combination of light blue and white gives it a calm outlook. This is nice for the eyes.

  2. For an abandoned place, it looks very neat and tidy. Maybe all it needs is a new owner and get it cleaned a bit more and given a new lease on life?

  3. This doesn’t look an abandoned apartment to me, it still looks habitable. You shot from a good angle.

  4. I definitely think that it was part of a hospital. The building doesn’t look bad just need repairing and could be used ahgain.

  5. This is a much cleaner area than most of your photos!! Still a little dusty, but it has a very refurbished look to it.

  6. This maybe a good gathering room or something. It is a bit unconventional but I would not mind. With a bit of cleaning and creativity this will be a good looking room and quiet cool and not crowded.

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