Second Floor Main Room


11 thoughts on “Second Floor Main Room

  1. The building looks clean and ok to me. The color combination of light blue and white gives it a calm outlook. This is nice for the eyes.

  2. For an abandoned place, it looks very neat and tidy. Maybe all it needs is a new owner and get it cleaned a bit more and given a new lease on life?

  3. This doesn’t look an abandoned apartment to me, it still looks habitable. You shot from a good angle.

  4. I definitely think that it was part of a hospital. The building doesn’t look bad just need repairing and could be used ahgain.

  5. This is a much cleaner area than most of your photos!! Still a little dusty, but it has a very refurbished look to it.

  6. This maybe a good gathering room or something. It is a bit unconventional but I would not mind. With a bit of cleaning and creativity this will be a good looking room and quiet cool and not crowded.

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