February 4, 2009

Today I’m second-guessing the plans I made in regards to my book. I’m still going to write it, of course even if my approach leads me in a different direction. To write a book one has to open up their heart and soul if they want to make it worth reading. Writing a list-based book of how-to’s has the potential to become a fascinating read, but as “A” told me today, I should try harder simply because I have a lot more potential that should never go to waste. It is better to write a book about a topic that you’re passionate about than to write a bunch of nonsense about a topic you know nothing about. Then again, anyone who has a habit of holding on to the flimsiness of finding hidden meaning behind anything, when there is none should never write a book.

Plans for my book have been put on hold, at least for the time being.

Book 1, Page 36


  • AMAN

    You are doing a nice work, Thomas. It’s very true that when we write a book then we really need to be in a good state of mind.

  • Alex

    I think it is only normal to second guess things especially if you are trying something new or unsure of things. That said at times you will never know unless you try.

  • amanda

    I think second-guessing is not bad at all. Its just a sign that you care about what you do and just want it to be perfect.

  • gaurav

    second guessing is a nice thing one should do as it sometimes give the work we do a nice shape like writing a book as given here.

  • laura

    Writing to evoke the reader’s emotion needs to come from the soul. You need to search withn you to get the best out of it. And that’s fine.

  • Wilson Jake

    Second guessing is just for double checking before publishing. Nothing is wrong just that atimes this can even allow some people later choose wrongly.

  • Juen

    To make a work, namely a book. Maybe you should be out of the crowd. It can make the mind calm and will focus more on writing. Also usually will think of ideas when you see something outside the crowd.

  • Danielle M

    I’m sure that you will write a wonderful book, you have the talent and passion required. I can’t wait to read it.

  • Maury Cheskes

    I admire that you care so much about reaching out to the souls of the reader. Writing a book can be tricky. I find for me, the best thing to do is get as many words out on paper as you can and then worry about editing it after. I’m sure you would have amazing insight given your vast experience as a firefighter, writer and photographer.

  • glad

    Writing a book is not easy, being passionate about what you write about is key. So if you need to take time off to be in the right frame of mind to write a book, please do.

  • King

    Well, go ahead and put it on hold, if 5hats what will help you write with passion. At least it will help you give your best

  • esgyll

    Writing a book really will drain anyone attempting to do it. It’s a rare gift to be able to put into the book the entire reason why it is written in the first place, words that flow into a song showing the beauty of the passion that fueled it. Don’t worry, you’ll get to write that book at your own pace and come out as wonderful as ever.

  • Prince

    Most time to get inspiration, quiet and calm places atimes to get the required spirit to write. Checking or taking a second thought is good atimes

  • Patricia

    Go with what your heart yearns to do! As a lot of others mentioned here, it’s not easy to write a book and sometimes there are hurdles just like in this game of life. As a fan and avid reader of your posts, I would love to read your book if ever you come around and publish one in the future!

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