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Sell The Farm (Alternate Take)

Sell The Farm (Alternate Take)

February 2019


Sell The Farm

11 responses to “Sell The Farm (Alternate Take)”

  1. Whenever I wanna catch a break from the deafening noise of the city,this is a place I want to dash to with a breakneck, blistering, dizzying pace..Nice shot

  2. I would love to be there right now looks like a great place to escape to. That open sky is a sight for sore eyes.

  3. This is the kind of image that I always imagine when the word “province” pops up. I love the atmosphere and feel of the photo. I brings peacefulness and calmness to me.

  4. Living in this peaceful place is all I wanted to have in my life. It’s somewhere that you can ran to and escape the stressful life in the city.

  5. I really used to like the background colors of your shots. There give this dreamy looks and make the images very outstanding just like this image.

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