Sell The Farm

February 2019


9 thoughts on “Sell The Farm

  1. Isolated house in countryside. I miss the life there, so simple and away from the busy city life.

  2. For a farm it is too clean ha ha. Anyway, I am sure you have your reasons if you are indeed selling it. I hope it gets sold soon.

  3. This barn looks great even in winter. I think the animals kept here are indeed well tended. I couldn’t really relate about the winter in the farm since we do not have winter in my area. The picture looks stunning by the way.

  4. I will not only like to farm in this farmland but also settle here. I really like any natural environment it helps to refresh my body.

  5. This is an isolated land..good for writers who need to catch a break from the stress and noise of the city life

  6. That will be a good hideout for me. Whenever I need to meditate or have a quiet time I will just get in there. Nice photo.

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