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I’ve always been a mysterious person, always full of secrets, dark, painfully introspective and overwhelmingly observant. I’m the kind of person who will tell you the truth, but only if you ask me point-blank what’s bothering me or what I’m thinking about; otherwise, I’ll just keep it to myself and let you continue your assumptions about me. I’m the type of person who refuses to talk about myself in social situations, who never really lets anyone in to see what’s beneath the surface and who keeps it all hidden away.

When I was younger, I would often look to the sky, wishing for the universe to send me an angel to love, afraid that even after selflessly giving of myself to those in need, I wouldn’t make it to heaven. To love myself first, to see through the pain, to accept my mysteries and to give up on trying to find the answers. To make peace with the unknown and to bask in the unknowable beauty of life. To embrace my mystery and to make it my strength instead of my weakness.

I finally found the love of my life; instead of rejecting me for my confusing nature, Amelia accepted me for who I am and the things that make me unique. She allows me to be mysterious, to explore, to be vulnerable and to trust that there is no greater power than the knowledge that I have finally found my forever love.


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