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Seventh Avenue Heartache

Seventh Avenue Heartache

May 2019


15 responses to “Seventh Avenue Heartache”

  1. I love skyscrapers.. We don’t have a lot of such building in my country.. I’m always in awe of those that constructed it whenever I see one

  2. It’s nice that there are still trees in a city like that. It’s nice to be in the city at times.

  3. This does not scream heartbreak but rather the opposite. This is mind blowing. I love sky scrapers and this is quite a view.

  4. Avenue roads always have building like this. You have a perfect photo for your heading. it really suits it.

  5. This avenue seems like a very peaceful and safe street to use. Also its well maintained with street sign and classic buildings.

  6. I love this avenue because it has green trees on the side. I always find such avenues very attractive and also nice to walk around because the trees provide shelter.

  7. The skyscrapers make the avenue look so good. I always use such building to know where I am or give direction.

  8. It a beautiful photo, the only thing that’s missing is the road itself. I rely so much on such road signs to know where to make turns.

  9. It’s one of those beautiful avenues with the buildings, trees and road sign in order. It must be a nice pace to walk by.

  10. This is a perfect view for buildings like this in avenues. You capture this so well for my viewing pleasure.

  11. I love seeing this photo. It seems so calming and beautiful. Thank you for sharing this.

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