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Shaded (Black And White Edit)



29 responses to “Shaded (Black And White Edit)”

  1. This room is really dirty and can imagine taking a shade or nap here. Will take lots to put back in shape. Perfect effect Thomas

  2. The room looks so unkept and abandoned. I love the black and white output of this picture.

  3. Abandon old house with a lot of dirt on it. Even the black and white edit didn’t do justice to it.

  4. I cant depict what that thing is in the chair. Is that a pillow? Maybe a lampshade?

  5. It seem the room has been to rot away. Everywhere so dirty and unkempt. An eyesore . though

  6. Looks like some kind of room where something either extraordinary or terrible will happen, or maybe both. Or it could be a classy fashion shoot even. All it needs is the missing model sitting on the chair.

  7. Simply a damaged, dirty room. Completed out of habitation. Your work is always unique, you are good Thomas

  8. Seems like someone dies in that chair. Picture is really creepy. The effects are just perfect.

  9. Wow, this place seems left behind literally… It projects a very sad sensation

  10. This image definitely evokes sad, mangled and raw emotion. I really like the harsh contrasts and subtle brutality of the whole picture.

  11. I much prefer this black and white version over the colored one. It gives the photo a good feel.

  12. Looks like the house was being demolished but the job was never completed. Great angle on the shot too.

  13. The entire place could use some much needed renovation. In this state it is practically inhabitable.

  14. There is rubble strewn all over the floor. It may be dangerous to walk bare feet here.

  15. Your black and white shots have never disappointed me. This one right here sure is no exception.

  16. I wish I could see what the colored version looks like. I very much like this version too though.

  17. I am impressed by the simplicity of this shot. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

  18. This photo is a good depiction of entropy. Everything eventually deteriorates to this form.

  19. In this photograph I can see that the only thing that looks good is the wall or curtain on the back.

  20. In this place, the chair that could still serve was forgotten, it just needed cleaning, to continue using it.

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