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Shelter From The Storm

Shelter From The Storm

February 2020

24 responses to “Shelter From The Storm”

  1. It is not bad to stay in a place like this. I think it is actually nice and quiet especially if you have no choice if you caught in a storm.

  2. This picture is relatively clean compared to your other photos. I’m not used to seeing things so orderly and composed with one of your shots. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Well, maybe the best place to shelter from the storm. But this place can be used for anything. Nice one!

  4. Well, nice picture but the glass fittings are some broken. The effect is perfect and precise. Thanks for sharing

  5. This looks like the glass they instal in windows..I wonder why they are lying outside..its kind of risky though..great shot

  6. I like that the roof and walls are made of wood. It makes the space very warm, it just needs a good cleaning and removing the glasses. Great picture Tom

  7. Everything looks so neatly stacked. They could still be used in repairs or sold to people who might have need of them.

  8. The windows look quite old and dusty, but aside that the place does look like one you could shelter in when there is a bad weather.

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