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Show Me How To Live

October 2018

15 responses to “Show Me How To Live”

  1. In this generation of fast foods and technology, sometimes it can be wise to consult nature. You could just learn a few surviving tips.

  2. Indeed this tree has seen so much life, for it to look like this. I love the contrast in the background, the way its so green.

  3. Is that a mere bush or a forest maybe not the thick one. I doubt someone can still live in there.

  4. This tree has stood the test of time. It looks so old and I’m sure it’s Taproot is really rooted.

  5. The tree really stands out compared to the other trees around it. It’s the only dried up tree.

    • This tree should still be alive beautiful. We humans, should be protecting and nurturing it as mother Earth does to us.

  6. Ohhh, this picture makes me feel very sad. I imagie that i the past it was a beautiful tree

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