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June 2019

21 responses to “SHUT”

  1. Nice shoot from your end my great photographer. The pole looks old but really signifies SHUT.

  2. Looking at the environment this must be a really old town. I’d love to see the rest of it.

  3. That’s a greaazy fire hydrant. It looks like it’s about to melt. Very photo worthy!

  4. This device looks familiar although I don’t remember what it is used for..great shot..

  5. So much time has past over this gadget. It has seen so much light of the day for it to look like this.

  6. For a metallic object to rust like this, it shows how old the object is. But it was made of good material because its still standing.

  7. The label speaks very well for the gadget. It has been shut from any use because of its condition.

  8. This is definitely a very old hydrant but it was still good you capture it for our viewing pleasure. You did awesome.

  9. Some captions don’t even give is clue on what a photo is, just like this one. I wonder what it shut about this. Thanks for a good shot all the same

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