Sign Of Hospitality

March 2019


18 thoughts on “Sign Of Hospitality

  1. This is an accommodating place,I’m sure a visitor will find it relaxing and lovely. I like the angle you capture this.

  2. What is that in the picture?.. The picture looks nice though but I’m sure a lot of people don’t know what that thing is..I.may be wrong though

  3. This is an awesome photo for our viewing pleasure. It good to view photos like this sometimes.

  4. Hospitality where??? I get when ii is a metaphor but here is the thing I do not even know what this is. It seems like a flower bud though.

  5. Its a nice symbol of hospitality indeed. Some objects can be used to symbolize a certain virtue like this one.

  6. This is a unique sign by itself. Its great to know that it symbolizes hospitality, a great virtue.

  7. Amazing photo that brings out this sculpture in a very beautiful way. How it relates to hospitality is a mystery for me.

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