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Sinking In

March 2017

11 responses to “Sinking In”

  1. I see what you did there ha ha. The photo gives me a sinking feeling ha ha. In all seriousness though it still looks ok. Nothing a fixer upper cannot fix and it can be used again.

  2. This photograph is a disaster in terms of the place, sinking into total abandonment, and especially the dirty place and things are not in their specific place, it is necessary to give a good hand of order and cleanliness.

  3. Yeah, sinking in… :). This place looks bad and dirty, really needs to be cleaned up. And it seems the sink still looks good, for reuse.

  4. The place looks very stinky with that dirty sink. Hope someone would clean that mess up. Nice shot!

  5. What! This is disgusting to my sight. I hope the door can be closed and leave the house to fall. No need trying to save this

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