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Sinking Slowly


May 2014

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15 responses to “Sinking Slowly”

  1. Old abandoned houses that still looks good. It’s such a waste abandoning houses like this. I hope the owner will renovate this one.

  2. It won’t be long before the house collapses. I hope they managed to salvage it.

  3. The effect at the edges of the photo looks very cool. Such a nicely taken shot too.

  4. It still looks stable to me but it needs a lot of work. It is still livable at least from the looks of it. You must have put in effort to restore this in its glory.

  5. I love the red hue of this house. While it may be descending, it still looks like a great location and a good fit for a family. It just needs a few touchups to keep it sturdy for the next few years.

  6. Definitely it wouldn’t be too long before this cave in. It looks like will fall any time pretty soon. nice shot there

  7. You are right..if nothing is done to revamp this building, it will sink forever..its bad to see so many abandoned buildings in the states

  8. This was a nice looking house then, it’s a pity it is sinking slowly now. With renovation it should be okay.

  9. Obviously, the house is sinking slowly 😀 I love how the image was captured. The colors are perfectly in detail.

  10. I just love old houses. They have a unique feel to them. Hope they preserve these types of houses.

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