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Smokey The Bear

Smokey The Bear

June 2013

16 responses to “Smokey The Bear”

  1. We destroy the forest, cut down timbers and over grass scrubs and grasses without replanting and protecting the natural environment of those wonderful animals. Let make our world a better place.

  2. Definitely, it done by humans not ghosts or animals and it can only be stopped too by humans. Bush fire should stop.

  3. Whaoo…. I am seeing this style of notice to notify people for the first time. Teddy bears tend to draw every human attention. With this caution, fire or forest destruction will be reduced. Thanks for posting this life changing post.

  4. Forest fire should be stopped, so as to allow our environment to breathe better and give back to us we humans good air.

  5. Some time a go in the news forest fires are everywhere. I automatically remember him because I use to watch ads about smokey on how to take care of nature. Up to now he still pops up once in a while.

  6. It is kind of alarming that there are now a lot of forest fires that seem to be happening around the world, some were unintentional, others VERY intentional. We are gradually losing the “lungs” of our home planet. I do hope people will realize this and stop the indiscriminate setting of fire just to make room for more farmland and whatever else for selfish personal gains.

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