29 thoughts on “Snapshot Of A Goat

  1. I love goat meats alot but they are funny looking animals. The one in this shot looks really lovely. I like it color

  2. The goat looks like it is lost or the only one there. Goat’s are said to be stubborn animals but do make a nice meal.

  3. The goat gave its own posture too, funny goat. I love the photo output color.

  4. Looks a little bur but I think the black and white colour on it make it easily sighted. Great shoot, I know it takes a great deal to shoot a running goat

  5. Hello there little one. I love goats. I have a goat way back in childhood. He’s name is Andy.

  6. Goat looking confused and lost, it seems the goat had seen the flash if the camera and Wondering what is happening.

  7. I see a wired cage and a goat , black and white colour. Goats can be frustrating especially when you have what they wanted to eat. Nice shot

  8. A black metal goat lol. Amazing shot it reminds me of a black metal band’s album art.

  9. Wow great shot, the black and white effectmakes hard to find the goat at first. I like it very much.

  10. It seems that the goat does not like the photos very much because it was escaping from the camera.

  11. Goats will be a special meat this month for a certain religion. :). I don’t like goat meat, it has a very special smell even though it’s been cooked.

  12. I wonder what was going through the goat’s mind when it was looking at the camera. I guess we’ll never know…

  13. Looking at this photo, I am immediately reminded of countryside life. Nothing beats the countryside.

  14. I don’t think the goat was the main focus of the shot. It still made it into the shot though haha.

  15. I hope to one day own a ranch and rear animals like this goat. It has been my dream for a long time now.

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