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Snapshots And Memories

A gallery of found film.

Found Film Number 1 | Found Film Number 2 | Found Film Number 3

24 responses to “Snapshots And Memories”

  1. It looks like a typical old black and white pic. These pictures are really different from today’s colored ones.

  2. Wow, that picture is probably one of the best ones you’ve shared. It’s amazing to see pictures from old years.

  3. I love your pieces of nostalgia, Tom. Very huge repertoire giving us a glimpse of memories throughout your life and your background.

  4. These pictures are really some good old memories kept over the years. I have some of my own too and when I take a look at them It makes me smile, remembering the good old days.

  5. Photos are vital memories, I use o have this notion that I do not need pics. As I get older I regret that honestly. Now I am piling them up.

  6. I am sure this oyester house would have received a drastic change. A beauty to behold. Nice memory filled pictures

  7. I also love to keep the old memories of time spent with my family. good to have them at every age of our life

  8. When watching these pictures I try to imagine how was the life of the people in the photos. I bet they lived beautiful moments

  9. I bet a good number of the photos are scanned. Some of them are from a time when digital cameras did not exist.

  10. I can see that some photos are not very clear. I guess that’s because of how old they are.

  11. Photos are among the best ways of preserving memories. Suffice to say you will remember these forever.

  12. Old photographs are really a treasure trove of a lot of different memories. It’s sad that we had lost a lot of photographs when our house had been flooded over several times. You’re so lucky that you still have them now with you.

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