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Snow Can Wait I Forgot My Mittens (Edit)

Snow Can Wait I Forgot My Mittens (Edit)

February 2020

11 responses to “Snow Can Wait I Forgot My Mittens (Edit)”

  1. This is so cool I know it is a photo but it gives off a sketch or a drawing and that is not a bad thing. I see advance skills to be honest and you did a good job. I may not be a photo expert but I can see the beauty of this. Thanks!!!

  2. I can see this edited, but it’s perfect because surely it needs expertise to be able to do this. Salute to you!

  3. This looks like a fig tree left in the midst of snow. It breathtakingly beautiful I must commend you for this one.

  4. This is an awesome picture.. I love the way the tree is captured.. The background light is nice holding the tree in silence.. Great short

  5. Now this looks so real and the black and white effect just blew my mind. Breathtaking, this shows that the effect we choose can even add beauty to our output.

  6. This edited picture really makes cool and good sense. The black and white output makes it superb. Thanks for this edited version.

  7. This has a professional touch, I wouldn’t have touch of using a black and white effect even though I love it . You’ve always dished out the best. Thanks always

  8. A lovely capture which looks like an artwork, I would love to have something like this for a vest caption. Lovingly depict nature as well.

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