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January 2017

19 responses to “Snowed-In”

  1. I love this shot, I always look at through the window and see how snow is covering everywhere. This looks delightful.

  2. My aunt use to tell me that if it is snowing so hard cars tend to be buried on it. Still to be honest I would love to see how a real snow feels like. We do not have it here.

  3. I have never seen something like this before..I wish I can see real life..Good shot

  4. That looks really snowed. Whenever I see cars like these I tend to remember the old movie scenes. Anyways, love the photo!

  5. This classic vehicle is all rusted because of the elements. The owner should have done a better job taking care of it.

  6. Nice photo we have here and it’s uniquely shot. A car cover in snow image is such a rare photo.

  7. Seeing snow even in photos lift my heart. I always wish to get a chance to feel and touch real snow in the right time.

  8. Lovely photo. Its that time of winter when snow is everywhere. It comes with its challenges too.

  9. Seeing this on the outside has that happy feeling but wouldn’t want to be stuck in the snow. That’s a great shot of the car.

  10. A great photo of the season. It can be a great memorial to remind you the winter season is approaching and its challenges.

  11. I love this photo as it carries a message of the season. Once you see it it reminds you that winter is around the corner.

  12. I like this photo. The content definitely depicts the frustration of having your car covered in snow. The car’s presence is also enhanced by its sharpness of its colour compared to the snow.

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