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Somebody Get Me Out Of Here

November 2018

11 responses to “Somebody Get Me Out Of Here”

  1. Its nice though. The only thing I think is wrong with the picture is that it is fuzzy.. Making it brighter would have been better.. My thoughts though

  2. I love the black and white aesthetic you are going for. The road seems quite lonely. Anyways, thank you for the amazing pics!

  3. Cool photograph. With the caption, I feel like someone’s kidnapped in the back trunk. Or that someone’s looking to travel far, far away. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Dull looking maybe because of the color but I still like it, since it an art Which could have a deeper meaning.

  5. owow, this picture reminds me of Psyco by Alfred Hitchcock, the scene when the girl was scaping.

  6. This is a shot well taken. A car on a lonely road. I like how the photo depicts a vehicle on a motion.

  7. It reminds me of a car chase kidnap or just strolling back on memory lane. At this case black and white background works.

  8. This brings the memories of those long road trips. As i seat next to the window and see the trees move.

  9. The title didn’t really jive with the picture. I see a mundane travel along a wide road. I guess the title depicts the emotions behind that mundane travel.

  10. Oh my, this reminds of my the day that I was kidnapped by some random guy from other city. But thanks to the help of the police, I remember also when I rode around the city with my grandpa and I love sitting next to the window door I love seeing birds fly, the place and also I am remembering every place, everything I see I always set it as a landmark because I want to go back to that place and also so I could remember where to go and where to go home.

  11. Love the black and white filter.REminds me of the late 60’s or 70’s filmed caameras.Great capture by the way!

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