• Grace K

    I just wonder how old this place is. Everything else is in shambles, but the chair seems to be in perfect condition as if waiting for someone to just sit on it.

  • roberachi

    Wow okay that is very great vision as the door is not captured in the picture. But if one looks closely they can see the shattered wood where the door should have been.

  • Obalade Damilola

    Looks like someone left the window open..you can’t try this in Africa though..mosquitoes are not our friends..great pics

  • Miaka Yuuki

    I do not know if this is by design or a natural photo but it looks this house has seen better days. If anyone will live in this house it must be fixed first.

  • David Mureithi

    If this is a real photograph, then it might be from centuries back. The contrast is not of a modern one, or maybe it’s a painting.

  • brainedet

    So old a house, I wonder when last things in here were touched. This looks like an art work than a photo.

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