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Sooner Or Later I Won’t Come Around

October 2016


26 responses to “Sooner Or Later I Won’t Come Around”

  1. If you don’t come sooner, you wont be able to locate this building again. Weeds would have taken full control of it. Nice shot

  2. Pretty spooky house. It’s in the middle of a forest and that just sends a whole different vibe to me. Thanks for sharing the photo!

  3. Why do I think this house will never come around even if it was renovated. it seems it beyond redemption from the look of things

  4. Said by anyone who leaves our lives ha ha. Seriously though why do I find myself associating this with rejection??? Ha ha In any case this happens all we have to do is move on.

  5. I won’t blame you for not coming sooner, the house is in a deplapitated state and looks abandoned too. Maybe if the weed around the house can be cut then the house may be a little presentable.

  6. Wont come here anytime soon but if I later came back, it’s going to be hard to locate this building. Lovely caption man.

  7. This is the nice house but looks likes no one lives here. wondering why people use to leave this type of good houses.

  8. This is an interesting picture because half of the house looks well kept and the other half looks disheveled. Usually your shots are one or the other, but this time it’s a mix! Very dynamic.

  9. Looks like it was not a very solid construction. It should have been able to withstand the hit.

  10. I think the house was situated in the wrong place. The middle of the woods is no place for a house.

  11. It’s a shame that the house was left for the weeds to take over it. But I guess that the owners are long since gone, and there’s no one to come around and either make it livable or build something new in its place. A bit of a tragedy, honestly.

  12. Looks like a charming little house in the woods. If I had the time and money, I would really repair this place. I would love to live in the woods if I could.

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