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August 2019

13 responses to “Sorrowed”

  1. A furniture cannot talk but it has seen a lot from its owners. Sorrows joys etc. It gives it value although this is not always the case. Restoration is and always can be done to give it new life.

  2. But TOM how come your though got to that direction that a chair is filled with sorrow. You are really right, people will seat, jump, fart e.t.c on the chair without any regard to it. The output of your picture is of high quality standard. Thanks for the post.

  3. old fashioned chair but still in good condition and can still be used for a long time if well preserved. lovely shot you have there for an old stuff.

  4. Aw, this photo reminds me of when parents or teachers send their children to the corner when they’re being bad. I feel like this chair is being shunned because of its odd placement in the room.

  5. I’m thinking about peipeo sitting quietly on this chair and thinking about their when they are sad. You did a good shot here

  6. Nice picture, It reminds me of the old times in family when we used to have this type of chairs in the room.

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