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Sour Apples


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14 responses to “Sour Apples”

  1. I think these would taste sweet. They may be green but there’s nothing sour about them!

  2. I haven’t eaten green apples yet. But, these omes looks sweet. Definitely will buy a green apple for me to taste.

  3. Sour apples,these three don’t look sour to me maybe the inside are. They look green and refreshing though.

  4. They look raw to me. Then again. I am not an apple expert. All I know is I usually eat the red ones.

  5. Those look like some luscious, sour apples. I’m getting a huge craving for some looking at these pics.

  6. I don’t like green apples. Though they are good for making apple pies. I can taste the cinnamon and the sweetened apple on my mouth.

  7. I love apples though..but they are a tad bit pricey in my neck of the woods..For the record, those apples look nice and healthy.. I don’t think they can’t be sour..

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