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South Winooski Ave

October 2020

9 responses to “South Winooski Ave”

  1. the graffiti made quite an impression. It gave the picture a lively appearance. The model herself is beautiful. Overall, a picture worth keeping.

  2. Such a cool match-up. The graffiti art almost looks like a backdrop to her thinking in contemplation. Beautiful artwork.

  3. Wow it is as if the the stork is really there with the model and that is very cool. What kind of a bird is that? To me that is a stork!!!! Props to the artist.

  4. The model in this artwork looks so cute. The writing on the wall is also unique. Lovely job out here.

  5. This is just too perfect, the impression created isnt just ordinary. I love this and look too real. Thumbs up Thom

  6. This is not just a pure creativity but also a unique output. I just love what I am seeing. Thanks for sharing

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