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Southern Sky


December 2014

10 responses to “Southern Sky”

  1. Beautiful setting and the cactus really fits with the open-air. I love the use of light and the positioning of the camera. You really set the stage perfectly with this shot and continue to dazzle with your outdoor landscapes.

  2. Very serene view. As if it is saying that everything will be okay. It is giving off that bible solemn feel to it. I like that.

  3. Nothing mesmerize me like a sunny day, especially when the sun is just out. It comes out very beautiful and always ready to smile on the earth. I love this photo.

  4. The light blue sky is always looking awesome at all times. I like looking at it because it always beautiful to behold.

  5. Such a whimsical little picture. I like the cactus most especially – for some reason it really brought a smile to my face.

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