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Space Heater


13 responses to “Space Heater”

    • Thanks, Matt! This was an abandoned mining town! If you’re ever in the area, I would be happy to show you where this place is!

  1. I’d love to visit a abandoned town like that, is not common to see places like that in my country.

  2. It’s just because its an abandoned space that made the photographer use black and white. The colors give so much emotion to the photo.

  3. Its a nice photograph..I’m trying to understand the picture…looks like a war zone..I may be wrong …

  4. This is those old wrecks which you take random pics on a normal day. Nice picture though.

  5. Definitely looks like some kind of alien spacecraft crash site. Kidding aside, I absolutely love the ordered chaos of the picture.

  6. That’s looks like an ancient heater, but I can see why it’s worth shooting. It’s as if it can endure any chaos and still function properly.

  7. Am I the only one who does not know what this is?Heater? it looks like a toaster to me. There is definitely space but not outer space.

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