• Danielle M

    I really enjoy seing pictures of trains, it makes me think of all the landscapes they go trought and I wish I could see.

  • meldred24

    The photo depicts a very important choice you have to take in your life. What path would you follow. This picture is really great.

  • brainedet

    This is an old train but still functional. I think the headline says it all But I more of one decision taking more like

  • Miaka Yuuki

    WE always get to the point where we get crossroads in our lives. This is how I interpret the photo at least. It happened to me too when that happens my only basis is just choose the path that makes me happy.

  • David Mureithi

    It’s when you have to make decision on what course to follow. It’s a well taken photograph anyway.

  • jolly555

    Split decision can’t bring much result. So where would the train head to now. Because this shows indecision and the result is sometime vital.

  • David Tjoe

    It’s a good idea to focus on the train right in the middle of the image to represent “Split Decision”. I don’t know if everyone experiences it, but I … 🙂 it’s not easy but maybe it’s the best.

  • roberachi

    Every decision has a consequence and always must make one. Even in this instance the train driver must make a decision which rail to take but lucky for him he is guided.

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