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Standing At The Waters Edge

October 2020

23 responses to “Standing At The Waters Edge”

  1. It’s a very good looking black and white image. And the lady wearing that pretty dress seems very beautiful.

  2. The runaway bride if I say myself. IN contrast to the other post black and white works this time, What is she running from or who in this case?

  3. I dont know the magical touch black and white put on picture, this is awesome. Lovely bride, what is she doing

  4. The lady, who I suppose is wearing a gown looks magnificent in the picture. Plus the background really does her well!

  5. The lady here is very pretty, like she on a dinner date. I like flowing gowns on ladies. It helps make them look gorgeous

  6. beautiful bride picture, the dress is precious and the picture looks fancy and expontaneous at the same time.

  7. This photograph inspires me to get married and have a good album of my photographs to remember all my life, it would be a fantasy but it can come true.

  8. I love this amalgamation of nature and a beautiful bride. I feel like you could write a whole piece trying to dissect and interpret this photo.

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