Start Dropping The Needle

May 2019


16 thoughts on “Start Dropping The Needle

  1. I love the caption and very stylish photo. Sometimes nostalgic habits like listening to records give you a wholesome feeling and helps you appreciate the music at its core.

  2. Drop the needle and hear the cool inspiration. Wonderful capture showing important aspect of the image. Great work

  3. Nice photography work done there Tom. You make me remember the days is turn tape with my grandpa. In fact technology has really gone beyond. Thanks for this black and white photo, for its not easy to even have a color result for this turn tape.

  4. This brings back memories from past. It really things that should come back to use. Thanks for this great output and a good lightening.

  5. Good old days, I can remember this record with my grand dad. He was a great lover of music and this was his favorite then.

  6. This is ancient technology for music, As of now everything is digital. This shows how far the world has progressed. Still it is a nostalgic sight. Great job.

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