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Steampunk Fowler

November 2020

24 responses to “Steampunk Fowler”

  1. These are very interesting pieces. It would really make a curious visitor ask about what these pieces’ stories are. I know I would love to know.

  2. Still trying to understand this pairing. I know Tom is creative, he has reasons and meaning for all. Great job

  3. It is really hard to grasp the understanding of artists. I will just try to enjoy the picture more.

  4. I love the pairing of these two objects. Definitely open to interpretation making the photo a great conversation starter.

  5. I tend to believe that phrenology is a pseudoscience. I do however like how it has been depicted in this photo.

  6. Yesterdays tech is todays marvel.I find it cool to see how steam can power things back then. Perhaps we can utilize this more. It should protect the planet more I suppose.

  7. How do I compare this two object, a bulb and a crystal head with writings? I thought the crystal head represents a god of worship while the bulb is the light of love

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