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Sticker Shock

Sticker Shock

December 2015

23 responses to “Sticker Shock”

  1. It may look dirty at first, but if you are going to look at it very well, it’s actually a cool art. This is so cute.

  2. This look more like an art work with great color effect. I like the good Midas photography touch on this photo.

  3. Memories of my high school locker state just flashed through my spine. Lovely, and it looks this lockers are going through renovation.

  4. looks like a locker from highschool. nostalgic but i think it could have been better if they closed it. Just saying. good shot

  5. This is either be a vandal or a graffiti??? I am leaning towards the latter because it is beautiful as suppose to just senseless stuff. Why the locker though of all surfaces to draw?

  6. What would this really be. I’m seeing different picture on my mind and more like an illusion shot.

  7. Damaged lockers is common in high schools. Lovely picture, the hall way going through renovation. Thanks always

  8. I remember my childhood days at school I always do this on my locker. Up until now I’m obsessed with stickers I have have stickers in my room, mirror and laptop.

  9. This is a high school locker. Am sure a student must have placed the stickers there.

  10. I still do love to put stickers on my laptop since I don’t have a locker anymore. This si very familiar.

  11. The stickers on the locker look cool. It probably belonged to a student that loved comics.

  12. The graffiti looks cool but it shouldn’t have been done on the locker. That was very irresponsible.

  13. Cute and ruffian feel to this photo. Love the contrast of the stickers and the graffiti. Thanks for sharing.

  14. The owner of that locker is an avid sticker collector. I wish I could see the rest of their collection.

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