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Storebought Scarecrow


November 2014

22 responses to “Storebought Scarecrow”

  1. If this is a scarecrow count me in. I know a scarecrow is suppose to scare things but this time I wanna hug it ha ha. We could use it now inspiration instead of fear. Very good topic.

  2. I am not sure if I am will scared or amazed of the creativity of the person who made this. I really appreciate the fact that they used an old doll for a different purpose.

  3. I remember my first experience with something like this, I almost shit in my pants. Seeing this now really feels like in those days.

  4. Scarcescrow are always scary to me but this one looks funny, maybe because of the color or it looks, I still like it still.

  5. What a beautiful scarecrow so cute and very attractive. Instead of getting scared I would even jump with joy to have that scarecrow and bring home as my stuff toys.

  6. That one is a cute scarecrow, it is similar to a child, I think it is cute because it was made with many ornaments and its face is cute.

  7. This is so scary. But I know people who will love it will surely do that. Nice picture display.

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