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Streets Of San Antonio

Streets Of San Antonio

December 2018


20 responses to “Streets Of San Antonio”

  1. Great long shot. Looks like a vacant city. There almost seems like a looming danger with the clouds and the emptiness of the photo.

  2. The rule of thirds at its finest. The overcast sky subdues the color of the buildings giving it an eerie feel. Great shot, nonetheless.

  3. It looks like an abandoned place. But it was indeed a great shot. The sky and place looks creepy as well.

  4. The streets of San Antonia looks clean and neat. The beauty of the street makes this photo a good shot to behold.

  5. This gives me mixed feelings like it looks quite empty but in a full way. All the same it’s a shot well captured.

  6. In the first picture the street looks deserted… And the street lights with cables makes it look a bit rough…Reminds me of the 80″ s though

  7. Lonely yet lovely photo. You definitely captured the essence of this wonderful place. I can feel the emptiness of this place.

  8. Quite a cool street and a good place to reside. It’s less noisy than these towns we live. COOL!

  9. Such an amazing photo. The street so wide with few cars and almost no people walking around.

  10. The street of San Antonio seems so tranquil. I love ow the photo captured its finest, vintage appearance.

  11. Few cars at the road and a gloomy weather. Looks like it might rain. Emotional picture.

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