Summoned To The Far Reaches Of My Mind

Today I was summoned to the far reaches of my mind as I pondered all morning about what I was going to write, as the snow fell gently only to be carried away by a mocking easterly wind. I spent the last few days going through my old notebooks, in a futile attempt to gain solace in a book written pages, filled only with passages of days long ago, snapshots and memories much like a smoldering smoke of a fire that was left to coals.

I have lived a life less ordinary, my experiences unique in fact, and yet, perhaps somewhere along the way, I neglected to document many of the moments in my life that I often think about. Perhaps I was too young or naive to try and capture these moments as they passed, the details of which are quickly fleeting. Today as I gazed out the window as the snow fell in Vermont, and time again seemed to stand still, I thought about the times when I was young, which I haven’t yet documented.

Book 3, Page 18


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