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August 2015

33 responses to “Sunflowers”

  1. Sunflowers has always stand out to be distinct from others, with their sweet smell and lovely combined colours. This looks like a ornament

  2. They do look magnificent. I would have preffered them in their natural habitat though.

  3. The dark backdrop makes the bright flowers stand out well. I like the technique you employed here.

  4. I think sunflowers are among the best flowers on earth. The are so unique in the way they look.

  5. This isn’t the first sunflower photo I am seeing from you. You must really like them.

  6. I am surprised the flowers are able to stay fresh. They are definitely well watered.

  7. These sunflowers can spruce up a room very well. I should definitely get some for my room.

  8. I would rather have this preserve. I saw in YT a few days ago and it was an interesting method. It will make its life last longer. Good shot though.

  9. Sunflowers always coming in very bright unique colors. I love all shades of sunflowers, they speak life with their shine.

  10. This is by far my favorite flower. This flower actually is my wallpaper. I super like it.

  11. This is a very pretty sunflower. It will surely lights up the mood in the room.

  12. The popular sunflower, so lovely and attractive. Even insects can’t get enough of it.

  13. This plant is always full of bees. I am most times afraid of getting close to them.

  14. Cool looking flower, I will love to plant this by my bedside. I like to wake up to a blooming flower like this.

  15. I remembered a trip from the sun flower farm with my friends where one of my friend was stung by the bee. This photo gives me full of fun memories.

  16. Beautiful sunflowers, they are my favorite flower. Thanks for sharing this picture Tom

  17. This flower might not be as popular as a gift but this photo makes me wanna procure one for my wife. thank so much for sharing your master piece to us.

  18. Those are beautiful sunflowers. Really uplifting and reminiscent of summer. Thanks for the quality pic.

  19. A very good photo, beautiful sunflowers look very prominent against the dark background around it. Flowers that can liven up your room, I like this!

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