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Sunny Sunflower

August 2017

14 responses to “Sunny Sunflower”

  1. What a lovely sunflower. This another masterpiece of you, Tom. I am really your great fan here.

  2. A beautiful and bright sunflower. This is really growing into something so gracious. I love the shot.

  3. The picture says it all. Beautiful and warm sunflower. I remember the sunflower farm here in our province. It just gives me happiness looking at them.

  4. I love sunflower. The color is positive and always followes the sun, a symbol of being optimistic.

  5. Wow I have not seen a sunflower up close. Wit that said I can now see why it called as such. I do not like flowers but I appreciate a good shot and a masterpiece.

  6. This flower reminds me of success. Why? Because this flower is planted along the road towards the graduation hall in my university every year during the graduation ceremonies and blooms just in time for the ceremonies.

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