Super Cow

This is a story about a cabin I lived in back in the summer of 1991. It was at a summer camp. In any event, we had another person in our cabin whom we used to make fun of. His name escapes me, but I believe it was Andy Greenberg. With that said, here is my story.

There was a young man in my cabin. He was obsessed with cows, and would draw really crappy pictures of cows with superman capes. On the forehead of the cow drawings, he would place an oversized, “S” just like Superman. These pictures would be hung up on the wall around the bunk bed he used to sleep in. We would have to sneak around his bed at night to remove them because he felt that they were sacred paintings, and would not let anyone take them away. We did this to torment him; heck… we were kids. What else were we to do? It was similar to a young child and his teddy bear. Except, he was a little more attached to his cow drawings. By the end of the summer he must have used up an entire box of paper. He drew them faster than we could take them down.

We even went so far as to take sticks and rocks behind the cabin. We threatened to have a super cow sacrifice followed by a cook out. He freaked. 🙂

Once outside the cabin, we would laugh hysterically about the stupid drawings. Then, someone wrote a song about the, “Super Cow”. We took the song, “Lolly Pop” and changed the words. Here is the actual song as I remember it… again… it happened years ago, and I don’t remember all of the story.

Super Cow! Super Cow!
Soup Soup Soup Super Cow!
Oh Yeah! Oh Yeah!
Blue Moon!
I saw you standing alone…
Without an axe in your head…
Without a burger of your own!
Oh Yeah! Oh Yeah! Oh Yeah!
Fish gotta swim,
and birds gotta fly…
I’m gonna eat that burger of mine
‘Cause I can’t stop…
eating that burger of mine…
Oh Yeah! Oh Yeah! Oh Yeah!


Super Cow
Above: A Super Cow picture. I drew it myself. Honest.

We pranced around the cabin singing this song over and over again. Andy became so upset about the song about us killing his cow and making hamburgers out of it. He left halfway through the summer, and we never heard from him again. I just want to say… Andy, if you are out there reading this… please E-Mail me. We would like to hear from you! And I promise to post your letter here with the Super Cow picture I drew.

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